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Kind of a follow-up post to my previous one lies in the wreckage of my poor, confused mind.

I absolutely adored Sociology when I was in schooling and I so stand behind equality and human rights. It makes me question though when I see extremists take things a bit to far and claim to be someone they are not. 

For example, radically extreme people who are claiming to be feminists. It’s cool to see girls and guys standing up for equal rights but some are just missing the actual point by leaps and bounds.

Feminism is about equality and being treated as an equal for social rights, economic rights, as well as cultural rights for women. It is borderline with the rights of equalists; both strive towards the goal of both sides being equal- not one superior or inferior to the other.

Sadly though, some people nowadays don’t see it that way. Instead of creating positive equalism on both sides, it’s now completely one side or the other.


You are not going to go any further by bashing one side or the other and putting one or the other in the spotlight while claiming to be a feminist. That’s kind of diminishing the point of equalism that you’re looking for.

Another thing…

One of my good friends was shit on by a load of people who claim to be ‘feminists’ when all she asked was for people to be seen as people. Equals. Not one superior to the other. No labelling posts or people because of their gender. Now THAT is finding true equality for both. Once you start seeing a person for their personality- not their sex. That’s how you will get equality.

Please be kind and do research before you bash someone . We are all on this planet together and should treat each other with respect and not be assholes.


Alrighty, time to let some inner rage out on the interweb about some intergalactic craziness. 

Have I got you interested or intrigued? Ok. I’ll stop with the ‘In’s”

Recently what sparked this oh-so-glorious little rage-osity rant were a little compilation of numerous posts about the new Star Wars movie.

We first saw the whole new rise of the revealed black storm trooper. THEN we saw a female lead. You know what we also saw? Some hidden sexism and racism arising from the shit piles.

To me, growing up, I was taught to not see in colour, but to see people for people. I do not judge people for their ethnicity, sexuality, gender,etc. I saw this talented man and woman as fantastic actors that filled out the roles that were sought out for the script. To me, they are people. They are equal. 

It really doesn’t matter if you chose someone who had a penis or vagina for a certain role. If they are a great actor- they deserve it. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or purple with fucking green polka dots. You know what? You’re still a good actor. 

Instead of focusing on the primary and most important focal point of the new Star Wars movie, people are turning it into a heated subject over what genitalia someone has, and how we should completely balance the gender roles.

If you take a step and look at it like I have, coming from a neutral stand point and seeing people for people, you will realize that by people bringing up these touchy subjects, we are still promoting segregation, in a sense. 

IF we choose to strive towards full gender and race/ethnicity equality, we will stop seeing people for what their reproductive organs and flesh colour are. IF we truly want people to be equal…stop mentioning the differences. Only you are continuing to segregate one group from another.

We should all be able to live on this amazing Mother Earth as one. Blessed be and be kind to your fellow brothers and sisters this holiday season. 

Ps- Happy Belated Yule / Winter Solstice to my fellow witches. xox

As I sit here in my room with mild insomnia lightly biting at my toes, I can’t help but admire the beautiful art I have on my skin as I moisturize. 

To be completely honest, I think it’s the first time I ever used a description like that about my skin. I never actually was happy with how I looked. 

I mean, throughout the years I was never one of ‘those’ girls that people wanted. Yeah, sure, I was nerdy-ish…who wasn’t as a kid or through the awkward teen years? Like I never knew that when you were that age you were supposed to be rustling your makeup-ed feathers as a mating call, ha! Even now, after just exiting the teen years and approaching my 22nd birthday in the summer of 2016, and leaving that awkward stage….I still am not fully satisfied. I still see that kid standing there in the mirror looking back at me and I can’t see what I’ve become. Dysmorphia? Maybe. 

I just was never able to see my body as the beautiful piece of art that it was supposed to be seen as. When people said I have confidence in the performing arts, I can’t help but say ‘Thanks…” while mumbling under my breath ‘thanks for the compliment on my acting skills…’ 

The thing that people do not understand is that you can tell someone a person is beautiful until you keel over…in the end, it comes down to the person to see it themselves. In my case, still, it is hard.

Not only until the past few months have I started to actually grow to like my body little-by-little. Seeing how it’s  actually a beautiful canvas has started to help me see myself in a good light. The artwork on my body has helped me see that ‘hold on a minute….I actually am a piece of art….nothing is wrong with my canvas’… 

That being said, I can not wait to go in and get a crow flying on my arm. Crows also represent change and so far the art on my body reveals both the ups and downs and how I’m overcoming them and turning them into something great on me. Sometimes it takes some time in the dark to be able to truly appreciate the beauty that resides shining in the light surrounding you every day.

If any of you ever need someone to talk to when your demons decide to come out to play and you need a listening ear, or if you would like to share any of your tattoos or stories..please feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail.

Love you all and don’t let anyone dim out your amazing shine. Glow, baby, glow.


As I was driving in the car and surpassed one of the churches I couldn’t help but notice by far one of the most disturbing church signs I have ever witnessed in my life so far.

You know how some churches will put up different sayings on their advertising boards- some quirky and some not so quirky- to get your attention? Well, I just found the holy grail -pardon the pun- of pretty darn awful signage yet.

“Satan’s Cause is coming to town!”


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Wiccan, first of all. Wiccans don’t believe in Satan. Little fact for those who think we worship Satan because of the pentagram (there are different pentagrams!!!!) We choose not to believe in something horrid like Satan or the fact you’re a sinner and no matter what you do in life you’ll go to hell. We simply believe in three-fold: what you give to this earth and the energy you give shall be what you receive. To be honest, kids should not be exposed to this kind of signage at all. Yes, I can see where they are sort of coming from in regards to people being greedy as balls and completely ungrateful for the gifts they do receive, so they’re trying to emphasize one of the seven sins. 

Just saying, telling a child that if they dare do something wrong they are eternally damned and they might- JUST MIGHT- make it through the pearly gates if they go repent.

Making mistakes -or committing any of the sins- is completely human. There’s nothing wrong if you accidentally do something wrong and you learn from it; you shouldn’t be told you will be going to hell because of it. Even if you do something wrong intentionally, as with anything, it will come and nip you in the bud.

For this time of year though, the church should just simmer the fuck down though and just let the kiddos have fun, and not fucking terrify them by calling Santa ‘Satan’. 

By the way, church…You do realize putting up Christmas trees are Pagan, right? Also the symbolic eggs and rabbits during Easter are Pagan as well because it symbolizes fertility – the start of all life happens in the spring.

Anyways…have you all seen anything just completely out there this holiday season? I’ve also seen out there those phallic lights….they did make me laugh, not gonna lie. Feel free to comment any crazy stuff you’ve seen!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , Happy Ramadan! To everyone this upcoming season and blessed be x

From day 1 we program ourselves to always be looking towards the next milestone event and we tend to often surpass the smallest things in life unintentionally. We don’t mean to, but it’s just the way we are.

Sometimes when working -we are all guilty of this, myself included- we just are biting at the bit for the next break..the next big thing in our lives we desire, instead of living In the moment and taking the time to appreciate the small things as well.

When we are young..we can’t wait to get older so we can go to clubs, go drinking, get a cat, get married, no more school, have our own kids..basically wishing our lives away instead of noticing the beauty around us up until we are on our own death beds, and realize  we wished our lives away and now you’re dying to live again and take in those missed moments.

Love with all your heart to the greatest amount everyday and learn to enjoy the smallest things that go along with the bigger perks and milestones.

Peace. Love. Blessed be xox

The dreaded tattoo curse…..ooooh so you don’t need to be into black magick to curse someone!

After binge watching Tattoo Nightmares on Spike TV last night and seeing the episode where this guy got an initial of his first fiancée…then they broke up…he met someone new and changed the initial to hers….then they broke up too! So he was back in to the shop to get a cover up to rid of the dreaded curse where he then proposed to his then girlfriend after and she said yes (cue chorus of “awwww’s”) and they lived happily ever after, yadda yadda. It gots me thinking….is it actually a curse?

To be honest, I think it’s all depending on human nature. Some people are frightened to death of commitment. Imagine if you’re scared of commitment or not looking for a legit stable relationship and your loved one gets a tat of you/your name, etc on them…it would freak you out and you would run for the hiiiiillllls! (To me, I would effing love it. I adore the shit outta my relationship and love my boyfriend so much! And to me , I am so game for being forever because we click so well.)

Coming from a split family , as well as past failed relationships I realize nothing is guaranteed in life except for death and taxes. So maybe it would be a good idea to discuss with your partner where you stand with your relationship and do they want to spend eternity with you? How would they react if you got a tattoo of them? Do they have commitment issues? Before getting inked. Save yourself the coverup $. Or -my suggestion- is to get something inspired by them as a tattoo so you can still have it without it saying a name or having their face stare at you 24/7 on your forearm.




Costume roleplaying, if ya wanna be frank about what the hell the word means.

In today’s society it’s like a fantasy come to life for the geeks at heart and the…..chicks who think Spock is from Star Wars. (Side note- for my to make that purposeful flaw was beyond hard to type ..kept putting Star Trek down.)

Yes, I’m a geeky girl. I legit broke my Return of the Jedi VHS ..well, not rage broke it, I wore that shit out! But I don’t effing understand logic…well kinda..when it comes to today’s cosplayers and “geek girls”. For those of you -and I’ve seen y’all amazing chickas at the Cons getting your on fleek cosplaying on! Props to you amazing gals!- pay no attention, but I’m sure you have noticed what I have been noticing a lot at cons…

chicks who bare all , but have no idea what the hell they are cosplaying as/what the film is/or anything geekery…they just wanna see guys salivate.

Like some characters are sexy, so yeah cool if you dress exactly like them because you’re replicating the character which is the point of cosplay. But if I see another sexy Ewok, C3PO or effing Jar Jar Binks- or lord forbid, jabba- I’m gonna kick your ass all the way to Endor and back and the impact from it just might land ya in Hoth!

It’s cool too to kinda have your own flair on a costume too, but don’t make it borderline porno or soooo far away from the character you basically designed a new one. Just don’t. Check the rules at the Cons…a lotta them are family friendly, so if you’re borderline showing your genitilia, that’s not cool, bro.

What got me thinking about this was when I was talking to my boyfriend about next years Hal Con…I’m going as Poison Ivy. Yes , I know it’s a sexy character, but I know how to not overstep the boundaries. My inspiration for the version of Ivy I will be replicating is the cartoon version that was modelled after Bettie Page. Off the bat I realized that this character is sexy and alluring, but I know how to make it fit and not be bare all. Remember…if ya give em something to think about and be mysterious, it’s more alluring! I mean, I go all out for cosplaying…hell, my hair is even gonna be dyed red for the occasion and I’m making my outfit all by hand , including the leaves !

Anyways..what are your thoughts? I wanna hear from you genuine geeky girls and guys !