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Just thought I’d do another Valentine’s/love related post before getting ready to bartend for all the mushy folks tonight!

I love ‘love’. I love genuine love. But with every ounce of there is general extract, there is also a bunch of bad apples in the bunch. Toxic love. Lust. Anything but actual love.

Tell-tale signs of toxic, not real love:

• Need to control your partner. You won’t let them talk to anyone, like anything, shut off all communications because you’re damn insecure. Real love trusts. Real love does not take away the person from all they once knew. You got an issue? Handle it like an adult. Also, your partner is a damn adult (unless you’re a teen, still..) and they have the right to make their own decisions. Stop being an assclown.

• Basing their worth because of monetary stature. Love isn’t weighed in the almighty dollar. The time spent, the vibes you give, those silent words unspoken…..those things are worth more than millions. Only focusing on what they physically give you and all things to do with the dollar bill….you’re losing grip on what is love. Cuz that sure as hell ain’t it.

• Plus other things such as narcissism, loaded with negativity and you feel as if they are draining your energy, just wanting to ‘get back’ at someone with your actions all the time….

That ain’t love. Learn what love is .

Love and respect makes the world go around.

Love each other, and let your love glow shine!!


You know that feeling of feeling fresh and like a runway model once you leave the salon that you have the insatiable urge each time to go out and show off the new ‘do after?

That feeling.

That amazing feeling of having hair that has been given the extra little TLC it deserves. I look forward to every 6-7 weeks I get mine done. That feeling of confidence knowing how amazing I feel on the outside matches the sensation radiating from the inside. What makes me glow even more now, though? Proper hair care. Taking the time to get the products for keeping the thing that gives me the most confidence.

Every day we are bombarded with people like Selena Gomez preaching about how Pantene makes her hair oh so lustrous. When I first used Pantene, my hair felt shiny too….the bad kind. You know…greasy and oily..lost every ounce of volume I had…more split ends…had to wash 24/7..even my skin was oily as well! But hey, TV has GOT to be right….right? -WRONG!!! I lost my confidence as well as some of my hair from the damage it was going through. Why…why was this going on? The ranting and raving on TV…Hell, being super immaculate when it comes to washing and products is my thing, so I thought there was no way in hell that any residue would be left on my scalp, and that it must be normal for such a product to do this to my hair….once again..WRONG.

That was until I started seeing someone who studied hair..had an immaculate education with hair and products that were legitimately good for your hair.

When I first went to a salon, I was scared…embarrassed…I thought I looked awful and that I had problems wrong with me. Once I got in, and she examined both the levels of my hair and scalp and the conditions they were in…she surprised me. There was STILL residue , a waxy substance left from that damn Pantene!! I wish I could have gotten a picture of the horrid stuff that people are unaware is nestling like a bug all snug in a rug on your scalp. It was truly freaky! She recommended different treatments for home use as well as in the salon , receiving various ones over the course of two and a half years now.

Fast forward to today. This time two years ago, I was a complete mess as mentioned up above. But now… my hair has doubled its thickness, is lustrous, volumized, down to my mid back/lower lumbar , no split ends, etc! Keep in mind, I am like a chameleon, always dying my hair! I am free of dryness and the wax that plagued me for years.

Products! The products I use are made by Redken. It’s a helluva good investment from what I’ve seen in others, as well! You pay a bit less than the brands out now claiming to be the ultimate hair redeemer- AND Redken lasts longer. You’re paying a helluva low price for what you get in the long run. Products last longer, no bad repercussions like oily hair (I’ve seen by others claiming out there it’s shine…nope , gross!) ,etc. My stylist said the best way to describe these products- they are prescribed. Not over the counter. Not something you can sell like a Zydrate dealer (Hands up, Repo! fans!) . These products are recommended through people educated within the industry that tailor the products to fit you.

Some products I have used as well as others around me have used for restoring your beautiful locks (and I recommend from personal experience) are as follows:

Redken CAT Treatment: My very first treatment from two years ago!! And guess what….I STILL GOT PRODUCT LEFT. HA! How about THAT for long lasting product?! Oh, did I mention it’s less expensive but also better quality than the other stuff going around? If you love investing in good product that won’t leave your wallets crying and that trip to Italy in forever waiting, get on this gravy train! Wanna know the perks of this another must have? Check this out! Straight from Redken –

This strengthening hair treatment spray boosts hair’s shine and softness. It brings protein to hair’s core, restoring internal strength and shine.

  • Reconstructs, reconditions and adds immediate strength without added weight
  • Helps prep hair before chemical services to prevent future damage
  • Helps prevent breakage and split ends

And boy, can I testify to this! When first using, your professional stylist will tell you how much to incorporate in your washing routine at first. For me it was three times the first week. Now I’m down to once or twice a month now my hair is back in black!…erm, purple! This helps restore the protein within your hair..if you’re willing to ingest your protein, give a little love to your locks!


Redken Diamond Oil: For me, I used the product out of the Diamond Oil collection called, “Glow Dry”. Used for when you’re blow drying your hair and styling it for the lustrous diamond appearance as well as protection from the heat damage that normally occurs when applying heat to your hair. Also available in this line are shampoos and two other levels of oil you can purchase, as well. Highly recommended to consult one of the lovely professionals in the salon first before purchasing. Each one is tailored to different hair levels. You don’t want a super level if your hair does not require a mega load. Consult your hair doctor!


OLAPLEX Treatment: Not Redken, and is a sister to that of the CAT treatment. Olaplex is one of the top dogs besides CAT that saved my hair. Also, It’s a treatment I get at the salon that keeps me safe and sound when colouring. Here’s a little ditty on this angel- You bleach your hair, cross process your hair a lot….you dye it like there’s no tomorrow like me? Olaplex restores your hair and doesn’t get it all brittle and downright hay-like. Your hair is lustrous and volumized. Olaplex helps bond your hair , that being done makes sure you don’t get dry dead ends, and flyaways. It helps reconnect the broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair that limits the damage and saves it when you’re colouring your locks.

Redkin Cerafill: There are two kinds- Retaliate and Defy. My love has been using Defy in the past 5 months, and HOLY DIFFERENCE! Even after the first initial use when our stylist introduced him to the product and used it on his hair…all I can say is, from the first step you could see the difference. Now his hair has thickened, developed more, puts mine at severe competition for silkiness and strength …great now I have the urge to touch it.

What is Cerafill? Here’s a little description taken from the authentic Redken page for it’s product, Defy, itself: “Defy flat, thin-looking hair with NEW Cerafill Defy. Powerful formulas with zinc PCA, a known DHT inhibitor, ceramide and SP-94 strengthen hair, nourish the scalp, and improve the appearance of thin hair. Hair looks and feels fuller with healthy shine.”

I can personally testify its justifications. It works the most quickest I’ve seen in the hair care market, blowing away the competition!


Redken One United: Might as well call it the one stop shop that is essential when washing those locks! It has 25 benefits that I take full advantage of each wash. Just a little spirt, and voila! Wanna know the benefits, even though you may be an outsider to the Redken hair proection for sexy smart beasts club? Come take my hand, you can come in with me to my meeting so you too can hear the benefits/ Can I get an Amen?!


    1. Conditions
    2. Nourishes
    3. Improves manageability
    4. Helps even out porous hair
    5. Reduces dryness
    6. Detangles
    7. Instant results
    8. Ideal cutting lotion       


    1. Primes hair for styling
    2. Helps prevent breakage from brushing
    3. Safe for color-treated hair
    4. Safe for ombre hair
    5. Helps prevent heat damage
    6. Helps prevent split ends
    7. Helps seal in hair cuticle
    8. Helps shield against external aggressors


    1. Gives a silky touch
    2. Adds smoothness
    3. Adds shine
    4. Helps control frizz
    5. Anti-static
    6. Controls fly-aways
    7. Makes blow-dry easier
    8. Style refresher
    9. Lightweight results

Still got other thoughts after all those benefits provided to you by Redken? How about having your hair s-s-s-SAVED?! (More Repo! references..sorry). It’s quick…it’s clean…and you’ll be feeling like  a pure goddess with this little step to your routine!



That being said, I hope everyone got some cool little facts on products that I have used as well as those near and dear to me, that are proven results. Always seek a professional when it comes to products concerning your health. 1) Would you rely on google for all your medical needs? Would you ask a butcher to do your surgery? (Although that’d be interesting to see, it’s not good when it comes to various surgeries.) 2) Would you spend 20$ on a tattoo from an unreliable source just because hurtygurdy said to? Trust the professionals! You get the bang for your buck and beyond when consulting a professional.

Many thanks to Bonnie from The Head Shoppe for the education, time, and love when it comes to my hair!

Peace and love yourself!


Hello all!

I have been recently working on adding new herbal remedies and ailments for different problems when I came across this one. 

Urinary Tract Infection.

For those who have had it, including myself, just the name makes you flinch and want to scream Bloody Murder. It is one of the most common infections a female can get, more so then men, due to plenty of reasons- including your functions being so close together in one spot. Different things can easily make you contract this infection: too much sex (FUCKING BUMMER. So easy on diddling the skittle, ladies.) , holding your pee/not peeing after sex (This is to get rid of any bacteria that might have been jammed into crevices while after having sex or playing with toys- also highly recommend Toy and Body cleaner to use as well to help keep sanitary), or even improper cleaning of the nether regions (FRONT TO BACK, just remember …Front to back…)

Whatever the reason, it is nothing to be ashamed of- it happens to a lot. Symptoms can kinda be creepy or painful. Also if you look up your symptoms you will realize where it’s specifically targeting- such as the bladder, urethra, kidneys,etc.

For me, I instantly panicked. I really hate going in to walk in clinics, and being the ‘ooo let’s try to heal this magically and naturally!’ I wanted to see if I could kick this shit to the curb… And I succeeded which made me happy!

Yes, not using an antibiotic prescribed from the doctor might take a day or two longer, solely because you’re not using chemicals to be used as an antibiotic. The kicker for using the stuff prescribed? Most times Yeast Infections follow. To me, I was already to go to the walk in but after reading that I decided to try my own way first (I gauged this off of the symptoms – mine was not in my kidneys, luckily. If yours IS in the kidneys or you’re experiencing extreme pain, maybe the doctor’s is the best bet. Mine was not painful or anything bad, so hence my decision. In the end this is all up to you).

Here’s my secret ingredients and I will explain after listing them how they all linked–



•Tea Tree Oil

•Raw Cranberry

•Hot water and fresh squeezed lemon


Water. Kind of a no brainer. I mean, let’s think about this…You’re having a bacteria that is attacking your bladder/urinary area…When you drink water and are peeing (even though yes it can hurt when having a UTI) but this will help flush and move it out of your system. Also the amounts of water will help dilute the acidic concentration in your pee, making it less painful. Hot water and lemon is good for easing any pain as well as detoxifying your body (also a bonus- it helps your skin). I would drink 5 tumbler- full glasses of water daily).On another kinda side note with water too, is that yes it does aid in weight loss! Replacing sugary drinks with water will help you lose weight and boost your energy. Also a lot of the time when we go to shove junk food for snacks in our faces or have  the ‘I’m hungry again?” moments is because we are actually dehydrated. So drinking water helps get rid of over-consumption. 

On a note of sugar….Cranberry Juice. Drink 1 -3 glasses of NO SUGAR ADDED natural cranberry juice! The sugary kind can lead to problems and is not affective. If you want a natural herbal supplement to take to rid of UTI”s too, D-Mannose pills will help you fight off UTI’s. You can find this in natural health stores or sections in stores.

Oranges. This is kinda an on the fence one. If you are not drinking glasses of water to flush your system (if your pee is really yellow, you can tell) You might want to go easy on this one because the citric acid might make ya burn a bit. Pro to the citric acid? The acid will prevent bacteria from sticking to your insides and will help you in the process of flushing out the bacteria. Use this to your judgement. I personally found this combined with tea tree oil kinda like the home-run that knocked the sucker out.

That being said, last but not least….the crucial, inexpensive member on the fight team that will help ya a lot is….

Tea Tree Oil.

You can buy tea tree oil in any drug store or natural section and it can cure many things.

I originally used tea tree oil on my acne as a teen, which cleared it up amazingly. In the cold ‘n’ flu season I would drop some droplets into the tub with some eucalyptus extract to help clear my sinuses. Never did I know just by washing myself down there with it, and dropping some drops in while I bathed, would it help me. 10 drops in the bath, or 5 drops on a wash cloth if washing yourself outside the tub. 

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibiotic. As soon as I used that for two days, almost immediately did I start seeing results. It seriously blew my mind.

I just wanted to write this to share with you all one of my findings just in case for some of you who maybe want to try alternative methods that are not gonna make you shell out 50-80 $ on pills that increase the risk of yeast infection. Not as fast of relief as the pills, but if you want quick, the walk in is good (or if your symptoms are severe- highly recommend going to get something done, especially if it’s targeting your kidneys). If it’s minor, you can also go in to your local natural food supplement business and they will be able to recommend your products 🙂

Hope this helps and blessed be to you all xxx

As I sit here in my room with mild insomnia lightly biting at my toes, I can’t help but admire the beautiful art I have on my skin as I moisturize. 

To be completely honest, I think it’s the first time I ever used a description like that about my skin. I never actually was happy with how I looked. 

I mean, throughout the years I was never one of ‘those’ girls that people wanted. Yeah, sure, I was nerdy-ish…who wasn’t as a kid or through the awkward teen years? Like I never knew that when you were that age you were supposed to be rustling your makeup-ed feathers as a mating call, ha! Even now, after just exiting the teen years and approaching my 22nd birthday in the summer of 2016, and leaving that awkward stage….I still am not fully satisfied. I still see that kid standing there in the mirror looking back at me and I can’t see what I’ve become. Dysmorphia? Maybe. 

I just was never able to see my body as the beautiful piece of art that it was supposed to be seen as. When people said I have confidence in the performing arts, I can’t help but say ‘Thanks…” while mumbling under my breath ‘thanks for the compliment on my acting skills…’ 

The thing that people do not understand is that you can tell someone a person is beautiful until you keel over…in the end, it comes down to the person to see it themselves. In my case, still, it is hard.

Not only until the past few months have I started to actually grow to like my body little-by-little. Seeing how it’s  actually a beautiful canvas has started to help me see myself in a good light. The artwork on my body has helped me see that ‘hold on a minute….I actually am a piece of art….nothing is wrong with my canvas’… 

That being said, I can not wait to go in and get a crow flying on my arm. Crows also represent change and so far the art on my body reveals both the ups and downs and how I’m overcoming them and turning them into something great on me. Sometimes it takes some time in the dark to be able to truly appreciate the beauty that resides shining in the light surrounding you every day.

If any of you ever need someone to talk to when your demons decide to come out to play and you need a listening ear, or if you would like to share any of your tattoos or stories..please feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail.

Love you all and don’t let anyone dim out your amazing shine. Glow, baby, glow.