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Kind of a follow-up post to my previous one lies in the wreckage of my poor, confused mind.

I absolutely adored Sociology when I was in schooling and I so stand behind equality and human rights. It makes me question though when I see extremists take things a bit to far and claim to be someone they are not. 

For example, radically extreme people who are claiming to be feminists. It’s cool to see girls and guys standing up for equal rights but some are just missing the actual point by leaps and bounds.

Feminism is about equality and being treated as an equal for social rights, economic rights, as well as cultural rights for women. It is borderline with the rights of equalists; both strive towards the goal of both sides being equal- not one superior or inferior to the other.

Sadly though, some people nowadays don’t see it that way. Instead of creating positive equalism on both sides, it’s now completely one side or the other.


You are not going to go any further by bashing one side or the other and putting one or the other in the spotlight while claiming to be a feminist. That’s kind of diminishing the point of equalism that you’re looking for.

Another thing…

One of my good friends was shit on by a load of people who claim to be ‘feminists’ when all she asked was for people to be seen as people. Equals. Not one superior to the other. No labelling posts or people because of their gender. Now THAT is finding true equality for both. Once you start seeing a person for their personality- not their sex. That’s how you will get equality.

Please be kind and do research before you bash someone . We are all on this planet together and should treat each other with respect and not be assholes.