Inside My Mind: Stand and Deliver, or the Devil He May Take Ya – Instilling Fear

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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As I was driving in the car and surpassed one of the churches I couldn’t help but notice by far one of the most disturbing church signs I have ever witnessed in my life so far.

You know how some churches will put up different sayings on their advertising boards- some quirky and some not so quirky- to get your attention? Well, I just found the holy grail -pardon the pun- of pretty darn awful signage yet.

“Satan’s Cause is coming to town!”


For those of you who don’t know me, I am Wiccan, first of all. Wiccans don’t believe in Satan. Little fact for those who think we worship Satan because of the pentagram (there are different pentagrams!!!!) We choose not to believe in something horrid like Satan or the fact you’re a sinner and no matter what you do in life you’ll go to hell. We simply believe in three-fold: what you give to this earth and the energy you give shall be what you receive. To be honest, kids should not be exposed to this kind of signage at all. Yes, I can see where they are sort of coming from in regards to people being greedy as balls and completely ungrateful for the gifts they do receive, so they’re trying to emphasize one of the seven sins. 

Just saying, telling a child that if they dare do something wrong they are eternally damned and they might- JUST MIGHT- make it through the pearly gates if they go repent.

Making mistakes -or committing any of the sins- is completely human. There’s nothing wrong if you accidentally do something wrong and you learn from it; you shouldn’t be told you will be going to hell because of it. Even if you do something wrong intentionally, as with anything, it will come and nip you in the bud.

For this time of year though, the church should just simmer the fuck down though and just let the kiddos have fun, and not fucking terrify them by calling Santa ‘Satan’. 

By the way, church…You do realize putting up Christmas trees are Pagan, right? Also the symbolic eggs and rabbits during Easter are Pagan as well because it symbolizes fertility – the start of all life happens in the spring.

Anyways…have you all seen anything just completely out there this holiday season? I’ve also seen out there those phallic lights….they did make me laugh, not gonna lie. Feel free to comment any crazy stuff you’ve seen!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , Happy Ramadan! To everyone this upcoming season and blessed be x

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