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Costume roleplaying, if ya wanna be frank about what the hell the word means.

In today’s society it’s like a fantasy come to life for the geeks at heart and the…..chicks who think Spock is from Star Wars. (Side note- for my to make that purposeful flaw was beyond hard to type ..kept putting Star Trek down.)

Yes, I’m a geeky girl. I legit broke my Return of the Jedi VHS ..well, not rage broke it, I wore that shit out! But I don’t effing understand logic…well kinda..when it comes to today’s cosplayers and “geek girls”. For those of you -and I’ve seen y’all amazing chickas at the Cons getting your on fleek cosplaying on! Props to you amazing gals!- pay no attention, but I’m sure you have noticed what I have been noticing a lot at cons…

chicks who bare all , but have no idea what the hell they are cosplaying as/what the film is/or anything geekery…they just wanna see guys salivate.

Like some characters are sexy, so yeah cool if you dress exactly like them because you’re replicating the character which is the point of cosplay. But if I see another sexy Ewok, C3PO or effing Jar Jar Binks- or lord forbid, jabba- I’m gonna kick your ass all the way to Endor and back and the impact from it just might land ya in Hoth!

It’s cool too to kinda have your own flair on a costume too, but don’t make it borderline porno or soooo far away from the character you basically designed a new one. Just don’t. Check the rules at the Cons…a lotta them are family friendly, so if you’re borderline showing your genitilia, that’s not cool, bro.

What got me thinking about this was when I was talking to my boyfriend about next years Hal Con…I’m going as Poison Ivy. Yes , I know it’s a sexy character, but I know how to not overstep the boundaries. My inspiration for the version of Ivy I will be replicating is the cartoon version that was modelled after Bettie Page. Off the bat I realized that this character is sexy and alluring, but I know how to make it fit and not be bare all. Remember…if ya give em something to think about and be mysterious, it’s more alluring! I mean, I go all out for cosplaying…hell, my hair is even gonna be dyed red for the occasion and I’m making my outfit all by hand , including the leaves !

Anyways..what are your thoughts? I wanna hear from you genuine geeky girls and guys !

Before I let you all into the dark mind that I have, I just want to say that if you’re under 18, to kinda scoot your butt in the other direction. Yeah, I know that most people under age are having sex under that age even, but just so I don’t get in trouble here I’m posting the 18+ warning.

All good? Let’s go into the dark.

But hey, if you like to get in the mood during the light of day, feel free to leave your lights on. Different strokes for different folks.

Most people are used to – almost like a routine, it seems like- go to bed..take off clothes..get into missionary position..release..sleep.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Heyyyyyy now. Sex is supposed to be an intimate thing; not a chore. So let’s get to the root of the problem.

Most times people skip the main thing. It starts with the letter ‘F’. No, not that word. The other one: Foreplay. Foreplay is vital to not only warm up your partner so it’s not going in dry and making your partner scream- not in the good way.

First begin by setting the mood. Is there a song that makes you feel pure ecstasy and in the mood? Something that makes your partner feel sexy? Either put on a playlist or your favourite album. Light some candles! When you and your partner are just relaxing it will play with the senses and give off a romantic aura.

This part is entirely optional for foreplay since there are different kinds of couples. But maybe you two like to get ideas or try new things. In stores you can get plenty of fun foreplay items that can also be used during sex. Here’s some cool ideas:

Roleplay: Sometimes acting out different scenarios can unleash that part of you that you are afraid of showing. It lets you sometimes let out your inner alter ego that we all secretly wanna portray. You also have your main ones you can find like housemaid, kidnapping,etc. Outfits also tie into this. Check out your local store to find cute items!

Toys, Toys, Toys & Keeping it Clean: These are fantastic to use during foreplay as well as they can be carried on during sex. I highly recommend, toy-wise, for those who are looking for something to please both partners, is the penis vibrating ring. Not only does it give him a great sensation, but it also gives you a great feeling too because it stimulates you as well. Now if you’re looking for another fun for two item , try the bullet vibrator. It comes with a remote control and gives your partner complete control of the intensity- which is the most intense feeling when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Some of the toys I have myself include a bullet, torpedo vibrator, a vibrator, etc. Main thing I can advise for you all to get – toy or no toy- is sanitary cleaner by Swiss Navy. The Swiss Navy sanitary cleaner can be used to clean both toys after use (never use soap and water! This can give you infections in your vagina) and you can use it as kinda like a spray wash in your nether regions to keep it clean down there since most soaps throw off your PH balance causing gross smell and taste.

Watch an Adult Film Together: I’m going to be completely honest and say that beforehand I would never,ever, ever watch an adult film for I found it crazy uncomfortable watching other people have sex. I think that’s a good thing, aha. But then I thought about it for a moment while having a glimpse while one of my friends were watching it and I looked at it in a different light that benefited me: it gave me ideas to try myself. I won’t lie, I do have my own collection of toys, but honestly, most of the time we just know the basics of using them. After checking out a scene and seeing how they used them, totally gave me ideas on how to use them in cool ways- with or without a partner. Even when not using toys it gave me new ideas on what moves to try. So you don’t really need to watch them to get your jollies, you can also use them to learn, which is healthy.

To end off the topic of the beautiful, passionate world of lovemaking ideas, let me add my list of 10 songs to get ya in the mood for you feisty love machines….well, I find it works for me.

  1. Adrenalize- In The Moment
  2. World On Fire- Slash & Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
  3. Painkiller- Three Days Grace
  4. Closer- Nine Inch Nails
  5. Sex Type Thing- Stone Temple Pilots
  6. Check My Brain- Alice In Chains
  7. Angel Eyes- New Years Day
  8. 1 AM- Beautiful Creatures
  9. Two Weeks- All That Remains

10. Bleeding Me- Metallica