Inside My Mind: Bio



I’m that little dark ball of sunshine you were always warned about. You know…that quiet nerd in school that all the popular ones would bully the daylights out of? Yeah. Her. But that dweeb has grown up and like most stories go….conquered it.

Well, maybe I’m still a goose and not a swan because I just don’t fly like that. Well…not even a goose- I’m more of a crow/raven.

Who is this person that posts on here? Starting off, she was always that one that stays quiet until something needs to be said and then when she does, everyone just stands there and hopes she shuts up. Sadly, that’s what happens when you choose not to follow the masses (sometimes the ‘m’ is quiet, if you catch my drift). I like to take a look at the full picture- not just a small portion or the favoured side. Even with my favourite things, I will take the time to be devil’s advocate to myself. Why? Because there is always two sides to every story- one good and one dark. Biases are not what I’m about. I tell you how it is- no sugar in this sweetheart.

About me, though… I have many passions I am articulate about. I am a musician, writer (- I have my work published in two books for poetry-), model, actress, horror enthusiast, a lover….and a fighter. I am also against bullying and like to provide talks and an open contact to those who are dealing with bullying/body consciousness, etc. So please, do not -I repeat- do not hesitate to contact me if you need someone to talk to.


Peace, love, and rock your heart out.


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