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Alrighty. So you all know spiritually so far that I practice Wicca. Thing is, I never really revealed about my gifts or a brief little timeline of the stuff I have gone through. Well, here is a little bit of it and if you all have any questions – feel free to comment/ask! I embrace my gifts and love talking/giving advice.

Gift wise I am a Clairvoyant, Precognitor , Medium (developing more everyday) , Psychometrist , intuitive, as well as being an empath, sensitive, and indigo child. Quite the mix- pot I am, hence the wide range of different experiences I have had.

It all started in 4th grade – hell, maybe even before that, but this is when the more obvious events started happening. 

I always used to see different apparitions just hanging about mostly in the rec room of my grandmother’s. before I actually started experiencing more intense happenings. I remember my best friend and I are hanging out and having a sleepover when I thought it would be cool to look up chants and different spells to open different portals and summon spirits- this was before I became a Wiccan, haha. – and I  didn’t realize until later when I was older that I was dabbling in  dark magick – SHAME ON ME! BAD YOUNGER ME!- We really thought of nothing bad at the time but noticed weird things happening throughout the day but blew it off. Finally it was lights out time and I went to close the door when I saw this creepy looking disfigured entity staring back at me and I could not will myself to look away. My friend came behind me and was all like, ‘What’s taking you so long?’ then she saw IT too. Luckily she was able to get past dumbstruck me and as soon as she closed and locked the door was I able to get out of me frozen state. When we woke up the next morning the room – no lies- was scattered. Shit was everywhere. It traumatized us a slight bit but we eventually forgot. She moved away and I didn’t see her until Grade 9 where when I brought it up she did not even want to discuss what went on. It really shook her up.

Shortly after that same year I was helping my grandmother help my great grandmother bring in the groceries to great gran’s. They proceeded to head up the stairs to the kitchen while I grabbed the last of the groceries and made it past the downstairs rec room where I sae this figure sitting by the downstairs organ that belonged to my great grandpa. I laid down the groceries in the kitchen and turned to both nan and great gran and told them I was going to head back down so great gramps could teach me some stuff on the organ. The look on their faces was priceless. After collecting their jaws off the floor I was told that great gramps had passed (I didn’t know since I wasn’t told) and there was no possible way he was down there. I saw him, though. Plain as day. 

I continued to see things and get into paranormal investigation between the years from grade 10 onward. 

In grade 10 I remember the dreams that used to come to me at the apartment I used to live at where I would see spirits constantly making laps around the apartment outer grounds. I dismissed this as me just totally paranoid after all the stuff that had happened to me until one night. I never could actually look out at the little mound in the backyard where it looked like something once was. I used to see this lady in Victorian Era clothing that would just stand there over that mound. Once again, dismissed this as me just being completely paranoid after all I had been through until I had my first OBE. I crawled into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep where moments later I ‘dreamt’ that I woke up and walked over to the window that faced that mound in the bedroom. I fully remember me looking down at myself to see my exact pj’s I was wearing before I looked back out the window to see that lady standing there and I recall saying , ‘Please leave me be. Cross over. There’s nothing for you left here!’ and when I looked back in my ‘dream’ I saw myself sleeping in the bed and before I could acknowledge what happened I woke up with a start, trying to get my breathing back to normal. That shook me up, to say the least. Ever since that little incident never did I experience that scary lady again. 

Fast forward to my first year studying Music Arts in college. Here is where shit started to get even more intense to me. I also started to discover my own skills how I had mild glimpses into the future at times or could sense things. Sadly my next big spiritual happening happened in a tragic way that hit me hard. The loss of my maternal grandmother. My nan was like a mother to me and she raised me since I was little. I still remember when I got home December 18th, 2012 to find my grandma already in bed and I asked my pa why was nan in bed so early and he just told me she didn’t feel too well. Deep down I could feel something was wrong when I looked at nan. I felt it deep inside and I had a restless night. The next morning when I woke up, Nan turned to me while on the couch and told me to call 911 since she wasn’t feeling too well. Apparently the ‘sickness’ was she experienced a heart attack/stroke. The ambulance came and took her and that’s when I realized we had a lot of guests inside our apartment with me while she was in hospital. 

At the apartment my mom would come over to help me and my pa as well as other family members. One day while I went to my father’s my mother had experienced footsteps go towards the door of the apartment then open the front door. I found it super creepy when told about this when I got home and one day too experienced hearing the footsteps when mom was there with me and we were eating lunch at the table. 

One day at the hospital truly spooked the ever loving shit outta my mother and I. Needless to say, I hated elevators before and after this I didn’t grow any fonder of them. I started getting the munchies since I didn’t eat anything for breakfast that morning so mom and I left nan’s hospital room to go to Tim Horton’s a few floors down. When leaving the room, Nan said ‘Mom! Is that you?’ both mom and I turned around and it spooked us, so we then continued out the door towards the elevator. The damn thing opened by itself without anyone calling it or using it before. Then I could hear Nan say ‘Mom, you came back!’ after the elevator doors closed. Well, thanks for opening the elevator doors for us great gran. We also saw the notorious ‘re appearing footprints’ at the QE II- they legit show up and disappear..burned footprints. Creepy. Later when heading home too that night, the damn elevator let us off in the morgue WITHOUT us asking to go there or anyone calling it from down there. Once again, no elevators for me thanks.

Closer nearing my grandmother’s death, the activity in the apartment continued to increase. I would hear things and see things and see things move in the apartment. One night I woke up to hear a loud bang and scratching of a fork against glass coming from the kitchen. This woke up my pa too and we walked out and I saw the fork laying on the cutting board with no way for it to move and we still could not find what caused the huge loud bang. Truly spooky. 

About two days before my grandmother passed I started to feel things hit me. I felt them. The Spirits. It got so bad I called my mom to come over and it got so bad the feeling in the apartment that I could not stay one minute in that house. I went out to the lobby, paranoid as anything, and curled up in a ball waiting for mom to come. I refused to step foot and enter that apartment alone. I left every light on in the apartment, thinking it would keep me safe.

Finally came the day I was dreading. The day I had to let go of the one who taught me a lot about life. The morning of January 19, 2013 at approximately 2:45am I heard shuffling footsteps in the bedroom. The footsteps scared me enough as it was so I hid my face..but at the same time I wasn’t scared. I recognized them as my nan’s. I was sleeping in her King Size bed she had while pa was asleep in his room. I heard the footsteps stop by my bedside as if it was looking at me and it shuffle-walked over to the size nanny used to sleep on and I heard it stop once again and actually felt the bed sink beside me. As scared as I was, I felt calm from this. What seemed like after an hour or so later I felt a poke and slight shake to wake up to see my mom with her coat on after coming straight from outside and she told me that nan had passed. I walked out to find the family out in the living room where they were discussing the burial plans already at 3:50am. I told all of them in the living room what I had just experienced and they didn’t believe it. Pa spoke up – note: he is a skeptic- and said he heard someone in the house when I experienced what I did and he got up and looked around to find no one. 

As much as everything did at the time bring me closer to the unknown again, but it also let me in on some gifts I didn’t know  I had. 

Not until I left second year of college and graduated did I start getting into getting help from a dear friend to help me awaken and discover my gifts and how to use them for good. I started to turn towards Wicca in college as my belief and it has forever stayed strong with me. I also experienced oppression   for the first time. Or some form of it.  

After coming back from working a show with my best friend and ex band we were just hanging out making food at the studio we went to. Just a bit of info on the place, it was 200 some odd years old and was once a funeral home. This place gave me awful as fuck vibes. Being able to read and communicate now with the other side better I was very susceptible to what went on in there. While there I was able to see a glimpse into the past through flashbacks of what happened as to why they were there. One of the spirits, Emily, age 7-8 who died of TB (fyi: info was passed through me that I found out from her through communication) was pretty attached to me whenever I went in there. She even started showing herself to the current owners once I showed up to the studio. Anyways, back to the night after the show…. We were there at the table and I started to feel suddenly very drained and it was like I was looking through tunnel vision and could not get out of the funk. It made me not act like me. My bandmates and friend said even my eyes were looking a bit ‘off’ as well as my actions. During all of this happening one of my bandmates felt like a stab to the back, and my friend felt a hand run across her shoulders and down her side. One of my other bandmates saw a white figure pass by outside after I looked over at the door and saw this tall man in the doorway that gave me awful vibes. I was not feeling good at all so we all left and after leaving the premises I returned back to energetic me, taking on no recollection of how I acted in there. All I spouted out was that the man, Andrew, made the little girl very nervous and scared in the house. As bad as I didn’t want to return to there after that happening, I was determined to help her cross before I left the label. I felt good to be able to help the little girl. A few months later sadly a fire struck the studio but the house is still standing and every time I see it, I feel the energy still present. The man and this older, not so nice lady spirits still reside but the girl moved on.

Fast forward to the present, I can now see spirits around people in pictures and in real life and read them and pass on info through mediumship. I also have been dabbling in tarot and will be pursuing rune stone readings too. I found it cool that before getting together with my boyfriend I am with now, I saw him before in a vision. Twin flame? I hope. 

There’s a lot that happens to me everyday, but way too much to keep track. Here’s just a few to show you how I got to where I am at now.