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Even math says ‘x=y’ …like WHY the hell is that damn EX keep coming up into situations?!

They are not part of the formulae to your present day. Nope.

So here lies the question… WHY do they keep showing up? They’re like when you’re got an event the next day, you got your nails done, got your clothes all fresh, but when you wake up the next morning… BAM! A big nasty zit is like, ‘HOLA! I CAME TO CRASH YOUR PARTY!’. And that my friends, is what having your ex involved still in your life is like. To that I say: Here lies the past…Rest in peace. *Throw salt* I BANISH THEE, DEMONIC PRESENCE!

Luckily, My past isn’t involved anymore in my present going-on’s. We ended on mutual terms for them both and they respect the idea of moving on with respect. To them: Thank you. Not saying that I hate them at all, no, we have respect. But…we just don’t go about intruding and getting all friendly-friendly in the other person’s lives.

That being said, I don’t get why exes are all up in some people’s lives still with the hugs and cute pet names FULLY KNOWING that it would make themselves uncomfortable if they were put in that same situation. The person no longer is with you. Just give it the fuck up. Got a cute name for the person you were with , but you fucked it up and they are now happy with a way better person? PUT THAT SHIT TO REST. You look pathetic. Clearly, they are not interested in you because you blew the chances being an assclown, so just move on and find a new soul to torment.

Sorry. I got a bit nuts there with the ranting. I just really despise exes trying to get all cutesy and manipulative while their previous partner is happy in a new relationship. The universe attracts what you put out…and honey, you’re putting your energy to waste.

Common topic with this subject…did you notice how it’s mostly the male partner’s exes that are the shit disturbers? I mean, being a female, I don’t actually have ANY run-ins with mine. If crazy shit aligns and we see each other, we will be like ‘hi, bye, kiss my ass, etc.’ then leave. Whereas if an ex female from your male companion comes up to him it’s all like, ‘HUGS! *INSERT PARTNER’S NAME HERE IN ALL CAPS SIGNIFYING THEIR PATHETIC SCREECHING* , OMG! My snookie-wookums! How are you? OMGGGGG remember wheeeeeennnnn _____?! *Eyelash flutters* xoxoxo ‘.

Cut that shit. Ew. Just ew.

To me, that’s totally disrespectful as hell to still be like that. Just be normal. Say hi. Stop with the eye sex and cutesie shit reserved for that person’s partner. How would you like it if someone did that to your guy? Make you shudder and get pissed? Good. That’s how you’re making that poor dame feel. Get some respect for you and others. Just move on. Keep swimming…..into the mouth of a kraken.

I understand though that sometimes male exes can be like that when I was talking to others. Happens a lot less, but still crazy not cool to do. Just don’t do it, anyone.

That being said here is my list of 10 kinda guidelines & summing up in regards to this issue:

  1. You can still be friends. Just realize you don’t have the same title and got to respect the new person. If you can be respectful to them, they will respect you in return. You’ll get so much respect for doing that and you won’t look trashy.
  2. Move on. You’ll only make yourself upset if all you focus on is trying to manipulate your way to try to get them back. Chances are if they are super happy, they won’t even give you the time of a wet dream. That being said, don’t waste your energy putting that into the universe and instead find your sexy stud muffin or sexy kitten and you’ll feel soooo much better.
  3. Stop. Screeching. The. Person’s. Name. This ties in with #1. You look pathetic and you do not have that ‘role’ anymore. Also, respect.
  4. Messaging. With Facebook and cellular phones being at our call all the time, yes that brings the temptation to drunk or sober message your ex-sweetheart. DON’T DO IT. No, they do not want to see a pic of you being cute or sending a cute message. Nor does their partner. You know that “R” word mentioned sooo much here? Respect? Yeah. Get some.
  5. Gestures. Body talk is the second half of the talky-talk. The eye sex, boob squash, bite lip, hair flip bullshit….STOP IT, HO. Giggle…..
  6. How your family ties in (if you’re the ex causing the BS). Just like with yourself, have your family also respect your ex-hunny and his new hunny. Stop trying to get them to hornswaggle him/her back and bring up those memories that makes the new lover feel like they’re going to cry from the breaking of their heart.
  7. Leave the past in the past. It’s got no spot for the future. No one wants that heavy baggage full of trash that is preventing them from becoming a hollywood star. Let it go and shine. Yes, even you EX. Shine like a diamond and attract someone who is meant to be your second half because CLEARLY..the past didn’t work out. Learn. Live and learn from that.
  8. A shade of bitch looks awful on anyone. Resting bitch face, being a bitch…those were just fads. Not something to be proud of. Be the better person and rise above. Being able to let shit go and make a good path for yourself is a look of pure, utter brilliance on everyone!
  9. Don’t be a bitter bitch (continued). Your soul mate is wandering somewhere while you’re trying to change what isn’t meant. This is the universe telling you your soulmate is out there and NOT the past person.
  10. Last but not least, let me re-iterate this most important point : RESPECT!!!! Have respect all around and things will work out fine and dandy in the end. Without respect, how the hell do you ever think someone will respect you? We all deserve respect. But as in anything, it must be earned and not just handed to your ass on a golden platter. Earn it. When you earn that respect, it feels like you’ve won the lottery of life.


All things considered, this is a really touchy topic that we all have gone through in our lives let it be with our partner’s exes, our own…or maybe you’re one of these evil nasty exes? In the comments below, please do not hesitate to tell me your thoughts on this subject, your stories and comments are always appreciated!


Rock on and don’t be an ass xx

Guess who’s back…in black?! in the saddle again?! Well apparently I’m back and starting with cheesiness. Kind of an ice breaker for the subject I am about to tackle. For me, it’s a subject that is very hard for me to deal with because for me to keep calm and not go off the deep end when discussing it is very hard for me to accomplish. What is this subject? Females and the music industry.

Music is a place where you can find your ‘serenity’..a ‘place where you can hide’ from the craziness and bigotry that goes on in the world… you think.

Being a female musician I can straight up say I’ve encountered different –very uncomfortable, might I add- situations where I felt both very angry and upset. Yeah, I play a guitar. Do I have to be a guy to be able to play guitar? Last time I checked, your genitalia had nothing to do with playing the guitar –hun, if you can play and shred solos with your penis first of all….ouch….secondly, bravo but what the actual fuck- and all it required was a working brain, fingers, and a burning desire to play.

Apparently if you’re female and you go in and go in to a shop to try out some six string steel beasts you will be mildly made fun of or not taken seriously. Like for real bro, no I do not want to try a Daisy Rock guitar, I am a Les Paul kinda chick. I like it heavy where you can hear the guitar growling like a wild, untamed beast. Not saying there’s anything wrong with Daisy Rock, but it’s not my thing.

Funny story about that actually, a few months ago I was in a music store looking at different guitars and I pick one out that appealed greatly to my eye and I sit down on one of the stools set up by the amplifiers and I plugged ‘er in. Only a short distance away from me, there sat a man also trying out an Ibanez. He looks over at me admiring the beauty of the guitar and in awe over the immaculate hardware and design of it and let out a snarky throat sound like a ‘pssh,’ to make fun of me. So meanwhile while he was tinkering around I decided to rip through Master of Puppets and after I left the seat with that dude’s jaw dropped. Me 1 Judgemental Asshole 0.

I gotta say though, with every judgemental asshole there are sweet people who actually love it and welcome those of us who are female as if we were all the same – which, by the way is how it should be- and to those of you guys who welcome us rock chicks with ‘open arms’ we salute you! You know what the true meaning of music is! Music has no race, no gender, no certain belief you must be to take part. Music is not biased. Music is a universal language that everyone can speak. Music is where you can find your serenity.

In the end, we’re all one, so let’s all learn to welcome each other warmly and instead of belittling each other, let’s help one another rise up and be one big awesome energy.

Namaste and blessed be xox