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Posted: February 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Hello all!

I have been recently working on adding new herbal remedies and ailments for different problems when I came across this one. 

Urinary Tract Infection.

For those who have had it, including myself, just the name makes you flinch and want to scream Bloody Murder. It is one of the most common infections a female can get, more so then men, due to plenty of reasons- including your functions being so close together in one spot. Different things can easily make you contract this infection: too much sex (FUCKING BUMMER. So easy on diddling the skittle, ladies.) , holding your pee/not peeing after sex (This is to get rid of any bacteria that might have been jammed into crevices while after having sex or playing with toys- also highly recommend Toy and Body cleaner to use as well to help keep sanitary), or even improper cleaning of the nether regions (FRONT TO BACK, just remember …Front to back…)

Whatever the reason, it is nothing to be ashamed of- it happens to a lot. Symptoms can kinda be creepy or painful. Also if you look up your symptoms you will realize where it’s specifically targeting- such as the bladder, urethra, kidneys,etc.

For me, I instantly panicked. I really hate going in to walk in clinics, and being the ‘ooo let’s try to heal this magically and naturally!’ I wanted to see if I could kick this shit to the curb… And I succeeded which made me happy!

Yes, not using an antibiotic prescribed from the doctor might take a day or two longer, solely because you’re not using chemicals to be used as an antibiotic. The kicker for using the stuff prescribed? Most times Yeast Infections follow. To me, I was already to go to the walk in but after reading that I decided to try my own way first (I gauged this off of the symptoms – mine was not in my kidneys, luckily. If yours IS in the kidneys or you’re experiencing extreme pain, maybe the doctor’s is the best bet. Mine was not painful or anything bad, so hence my decision. In the end this is all up to you).

Here’s my secret ingredients and I will explain after listing them how they all linked–



•Tea Tree Oil

•Raw Cranberry

•Hot water and fresh squeezed lemon


Water. Kind of a no brainer. I mean, let’s think about this…You’re having a bacteria that is attacking your bladder/urinary area…When you drink water and are peeing (even though yes it can hurt when having a UTI) but this will help flush and move it out of your system. Also the amounts of water will help dilute the acidic concentration in your pee, making it less painful. Hot water and lemon is good for easing any pain as well as detoxifying your body (also a bonus- it helps your skin). I would drink 5 tumbler- full glasses of water daily).On another kinda side note with water too, is that yes it does aid in weight loss! Replacing sugary drinks with water will help you lose weight and boost your energy. Also a lot of the time when we go to shove junk food for snacks in our faces or have  the ‘I’m hungry again?” moments is because we are actually dehydrated. So drinking water helps get rid of over-consumption. 

On a note of sugar….Cranberry Juice. Drink 1 -3 glasses of NO SUGAR ADDED natural cranberry juice! The sugary kind can lead to problems and is not affective. If you want a natural herbal supplement to take to rid of UTI”s too, D-Mannose pills will help you fight off UTI’s. You can find this in natural health stores or sections in stores.

Oranges. This is kinda an on the fence one. If you are not drinking glasses of water to flush your system (if your pee is really yellow, you can tell) You might want to go easy on this one because the citric acid might make ya burn a bit. Pro to the citric acid? The acid will prevent bacteria from sticking to your insides and will help you in the process of flushing out the bacteria. Use this to your judgement. I personally found this combined with tea tree oil kinda like the home-run that knocked the sucker out.

That being said, last but not least….the crucial, inexpensive member on the fight team that will help ya a lot is….

Tea Tree Oil.

You can buy tea tree oil in any drug store or natural section and it can cure many things.

I originally used tea tree oil on my acne as a teen, which cleared it up amazingly. In the cold ‘n’ flu season I would drop some droplets into the tub with some eucalyptus extract to help clear my sinuses. Never did I know just by washing myself down there with it, and dropping some drops in while I bathed, would it help me. 10 drops in the bath, or 5 drops on a wash cloth if washing yourself outside the tub. 

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibiotic. As soon as I used that for two days, almost immediately did I start seeing results. It seriously blew my mind.

I just wanted to write this to share with you all one of my findings just in case for some of you who maybe want to try alternative methods that are not gonna make you shell out 50-80 $ on pills that increase the risk of yeast infection. Not as fast of relief as the pills, but if you want quick, the walk in is good (or if your symptoms are severe- highly recommend going to get something done, especially if it’s targeting your kidneys). If it’s minor, you can also go in to your local natural food supplement business and they will be able to recommend your products 🙂

Hope this helps and blessed be to you all xxx

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