Inside My Mind: Seasons and Their Worth

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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My favourite time of the year has finally came- Autumn!

Autumn is a chillingly splendid time of the year where you get to drink warm beverages while under a blanket with a loved one, It’s also the time where things start getting a bit spookier and us horror fanatics get all crazy happy since there are waaaaaay more horror movies on the television. Also during the month of October – November, for my American friends – comes the turkey-filled-food-comatose Thanksgiving.

While my family is downstairs preparing for the dinner that they’re having made me think about a lot of things in regards to this holiday.

I mean, holidays always make me question things, so I really should not be surprised. Not just with Thanksgiving, but with other holidays. Well, mainly two holidays have got me thinking : Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

On Thanksgiving people gather around a stuffed bird with stuffing rammed up it’s anus and holler and go on about how extremely thankful they are as they chow down on food they’ll be complaining about later for sending them into a food comatose. Maybe it’s just the mildly cynical fool that I am, but….. shouldn’t you be grateful for everything that’s in your life everyday and just not one or two days? You really shouldn’t need one day to clean your house to look like a museum and not a livable place, and act all plastic. I mean, people are there to be together, I don’t think they care if you make your house into a museum that looks like there’s non inhabitants in it.

Another questionable holiday is Valentine’s Day.

I absolutely, positively love love LOVE my amazing boyfriend to Endor and back! (We’re Star Wars fans, so if you’re wondering what the heck Endor is…now you know it’s a Star Wars reference) and I show it every single day, when we talk or when we’re physically together – not in the nauseating, clingy way, of course. It just makes me wonder why people need to show copious amounts of love one day of the year when – once again- you should be loving each other to your full capability to EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

Showing even small acts of compassion every day is soooo meaningful to your significant other because it shows you care and think about them every day instead of just one day out of the year. Take my amazing boyfriend, for example. Numerous times he has surprised me with gestures that shows he truly knows the small things that I like. When we went out to a carnival, he got me a dozen American Beauty roses and made it to my house in time when Sweet Child O Mine was on the radio. He didn’t have to, but he knew those things were my favourite and wanted to surprise me without needing a reason or holiday. Also the times he will surprise me like the day he came up to my house before work – I wasn’t even expecting him to come over at all that day- to surprise me. He shows numerous sweet gestures every day and it means a great deal when he remembers the small stuff – non-materialistic and physical objects- that I like. Also when he’s there for me when I’m not feeling entirely up to par….that’s love.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is to always love and be grateful for those in your life and what you have. A lot of people forget how genuinely lucky we are, and take things for granted. Always tell your family and friends you love/care for them…you never know when it will be taken away- You can’t put your arms around a memory.

That being said, have a fantastic day, and hope you all have a great time with family and friends.


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