Inside My Mind: Tattoos- Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve…..Literally.

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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What is this? Two posts in one day? Hell yeah! Found a lot of things that inspire me and this is one of my top ones besides music: Tattoos.

I’ve always been into designing tattoos for others and my own little doodles in my sketchbook until finally after what’s seemed like forever I got my first one as a gift to myself for my 21st birthday.

My first tattoo is on my forearm and it is an excerpt from the song “Devil in the Mirror” by Black Veil Brides. It reads, “My voice is a weapon, my fear is a lie.”


The meaning for me is really special. It’s almost like a reminder for me to never be afraid to standup for what you believe in and never be intimidated or fear the consequence. I used to be very shy and let people walk over me and this spoke to be in many levels. It also stands for my not let anyone dim out your shining light and keep it glowing bright. The placement is also on my writing arm so when I am putting the pen to paper or have the microphone in my hand, I’m not holding back.

Fast forward to just almost two months later, what do I do? That’s right- book another appointment to get tattoo #2!

A lot of people questioned me, “Why so soon?” Well, my guitar tattoo was originally going to be my first tattoo, but since I hadn’t had one before I wanted to kind of test the waters too for the first one. My first tattoo took only 1.5 hours, whereas my second one about 4 hours.

I completely adore my guitar tattoo and this one as well has a crazy deep meaning.


I have been playing guitar for 9 years now and thought it was time to make an ode to it for not only is it something I want to do for the rest of my future, but it’s also been my therapist numerous times.

The placement of the guitar tattoo symbolizes that it’s been my backbone as well as my good conscience that always has my back, despite crazy situations. Whether it be heartbreak, happiness, or whatever, my guitar has always been the number one thing I ran to- even before humans.

I absolutely adore my ink and am grateful to be going to such an amazing tattoo shop as well. If you are in the HRM and want some killer ink, I strongly suggest you check out Exotic Inks for your next ink!

Tattooing is an amazing art that I hope to be able to take apprenticeship in someday, but for now here’s some little facts about it for those who are new to the art.

1) Aftercare : After removing the bandage your artist has wrapped you up in (approx after 4-6 hours) gently rinse with cold water and non-scented antibacterial soap, using your hand. You then ever so gently pat it dry with a clean towel. For the first bit of aftercare lotion, highly recommend Eucerin Aquaphor . Use a teeny, pea-size bit of it and rub it in fully into your tattoo. Do this approx 2-3 times a day (or whenever it feels dry) and use it for 2 days. Once those few days are up, you then are going to switch over to an unscented lotion. I use Aveeno unscented moisturizer. Even after the tattoo is done healing, feel free to still use the lotion to keep it looking fresh.

***Also, depending on the bandage your artist uses, be very careful when removing the bandage. If it’s cotton (Trust me, I saw another place use cotton and DUCT TAPE as a bandage..appalled me…once again, VERY thankful for the location I go to actually taking good sanitary care and overall awesome care of their clients. If you happen to run into a cotton user, chances are your tattoo will stick to the cotton when you go to remove the bandage due to the plasma, blood etc. your skin expels. To help eliminate damage to your new ink, gently let cold water cascade over the bandage to help remove it. Same goes if you get stuck to your bed clothes – hence why you should avoid sleeping on your tattoo***

2) For God’s sake, Don’t pick the damn thing! Even though it will get itchy and feel tight during the healing stage, do not pick it! I found using the Aveeno brand it relieved the itchiness (thank God!). Sometimes cold water can help relieve it. Whatever you do, do not pick the scabs! They don’t look like gross bloody scabs, they look like pieces of skin after you have been sunburned. Just let it naturally come off on it’s own when you wash and lotion up.

3) Summer Time? I highly recommend covering yourself up until being healed. You do not want to expose your tattoo to sunlight freshly after getting it done! Use a minimum of SPF 30 (I use 45 for mine) to eliminate the risk of your tattoo fading or you feeling like a vampire in the movies.

4) Don’t psyche yourself out and remember to breathe! I expected copious amounts of pain before getting my first tattoo done- not gonna lie. But I was truly amazed at how calming it is! No it’s not brutal like a knife dragging through you (well, ribs and underarms do hurt). Papercuts actually hurt more. Also, if you want it bad enough, knowing that the end result will be all worth it will help you get through. EAT BEFORE GOING! I highly recommend drinking a good big glass of orange juice too with your meal so your blood sugar levels are good. Normally when you get a tattoo, your body reacts to the sensation and sometimes your blood sugar levels will drop. DO NOT DRINK! Alcohol will result to passing out, getting sick, and unnecessary trips to the bathroom that will rack up the time spent on the tattoo. Also, alcohol thins out your blood, so you should avoid this before getting a tattoo. BREATHE!! If you hold your breath, you will pass out.

and lastly….

5) The cost of beauty. For the first time getting a tattoo, you might be a bit shocked by the prices. Good tattoos aren’t cheap. You’re paying for the best service, equipment, and sanitation. You’re going to have it forever on your body- put good investment into it! Tipping is also a very good way to tell your artist that you genuinely appreciated their time and dedication into a piece that will remain on you til the grave. So, that’s always a good thing to keep in mind.

Hope this gave some cool insight into something I found cool and wanted to share with you all.

Rock on!


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